The Project  

Founded in 2009, the Mendocino Grain Project was created to address the need for locally produced, environmentally guided staple crop production. We cultivate collaborative relationships with our fields and regional farmers as a way to address the “whole foods” picture of a local diet.

Why buy local dry goods

  • Local dry goods production responds to the needs of climate change
  • Directly supports local agriculture
  • Creates accessibility to participate in locally sourced “whole diet” farming
  • You can taste the difference!

What we do 

A community oriented agriculture project with a vision, the Mendocino Grain Project is many things - a farm, a mill, a seed cleaning facility and a food hub for locally produced staple crops.

As farmers and millers we concentrate on growing and milling heirloom grain specifically selected for exceptional flavor, to create some of the freshest harvested and milled flour on the market today.  We use organic practices and are constantly seeking new ways to facilitate soil and ecosystem health in the field.

As a food hub (or “grainery”) we work with local farmers to assist in seed cleaning and distribution- in collaboration with these local growers we help bring their products, stories and values to a wider audience through our farmers markets, retail partnerships and CSA membership program.

In our capacity as a seed cleaning facility we offer custom harvest and seed cleaning to a wide variety of projects- from homestead sized production up to distribution scale farms. Our mission is to lower the barrier of entry to seed cleaning for local farmers and as such we are excited to work with a wide variety of products and scales at competitive, custom rates.