Farm Services

At the Mendocino Grain Project, our commitment is to supporting diverse local agricultural production. We seek to lower the barrier of entry to seed cleaning for local farmers by offering a high quality, certified organic custom harvest and cleaning service.

We aim to offer our services to a variety of projects- from homestead scale farming to distribution scale operations.

Custom Seed Cleaning & Harvest

We offer an organic certified custom harvest and seed cleaning in Ukiah, California. We work to ensure your seed is cleaned to an exceptionally high standard, ensuring not only the removal of chaff but of all weed seed and extraneous matter.

Services We Offer

  • Seed conditioning for a wide variety of crops
  • Dehulling for oats, ancient grains etc.
  • Custom bagging
  • Quinoa processing (scarifying)


We pride ourselves in being a truly batch scale seed cleaning house, which means we are prepared to handle small to large scale projects, and we are willing to work with seed which requires extensive cleaning.

For custom harvest we are best suited to work with projects of half an acre and up. If your project is under half an acre we will generally recommend that you hand harvest and deliver to our facility for threshing, winnowing, and conditioning in order to maintain an accessible cost.


We charge custom rates for machine hauling, harvesting and conditioning. Our rates are project specific and competitive. We are excited to find ways to work with a variety of projects-.  contact us for an estimate today!


Call us at 707-841-1256 or send us an email at